In summer Abetone is known for its wide range of summer sports including the ability to walk on the slopes of Mount Elbow, Monte Cimone and the rise of average difficulty to Mount Open Book. Abetone is also fully equipped for mountain biking, tennis and soccer.
The second area consists of the tracks on the Emilian side of the town: it includes the three most popular tracks Abetone, the three Zeno, designed right from the ski champion Zeno Colò (tracks, one black and two red, are suitable for everyone, you wind through the forest at an altitude of about 1890 meters to about 1300), the two simple tracks Pulicchio and Stucchi, a path of medium difficulty.

Abetone is the main center of the district of the same name made ​​up of approximately 50 km of pistes, for a total of 30 trails, served by 22 ski lifts managed by the consortium Multipass. The ski area is divided into three main areas: the first area, facing the Tuscan side of Abetone Abetone consists of the historic trails that consists of two blue tracks suitable for beginners and Harness Chierroni, two easy slopes that run in the middle the woods, and the Riva, a red suits all of up to 1200 meters.

In addition there are some variations which connect the different paths, as the red Foresto that connects the Selletta to Riva. The area is served by a beginner and two chairlifts.
"the most noble among the ski areas of the Apennines."
The facilities are a bubble chairlift, a ski lift and a gondola seats eight. The third area includes the slopes of Val di Luce, consists of four principal routes (Pass of Annibale, Alpe of the tre potenze, Mount Gomito, Sprella) easy or medium difficulty and is served by three chairlifts, a three-seat chairlift and two surface lifts.

Currently, the Abetone ski area, is considered the most noble among the ski areas of the Apennines.