The hotel, originally pension Orsatti, has still preserved nineteenth-century origins and has an aspect typical and characteristic that fits in perfectly with the surrounding environment.

It can be seen in the various rooms Among the unmistakable style combined with functionality and comfort that surround guests. Be enchanted by the magical atmosphere transmitted by centuries-old walls, wide terraces and magnificent facade.
The Abetone was attended by tourists from the mid nineteenth century. Among them is to remember Francesca Alexander, American, Boston, daughter of a painter and a rich heiress, who with his parents from an early age began to spend summers in the Pistoia mountains, attended the people of the mountains and the poor were Montanini from her help them survive, became a great friend of Beatrice Piandegliontani, poet illiterate shepherd who, with his eighth amazed all the literati of the time.

In 1904 began the use of Abetone ski areas and the location was rediscovered as a place for both summer and winter, beginning a revival based on tourism.
The territory of Abetone has always been (at least since the time of the Romans) the place of crossing the Apennines, and in fact is said to have been used by Hannibal to enter Etruria. In fact, the ski resort of Abetone is part of Hannibal Pass at an altitude of 1798 m above sea level

In 1766 began the construction of the road (already designed from the beginning of the century) which joined the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the Duchy of Modena crossing the Apennines, in the lower section called "Serrabassa" from Modena and "Boscolungo" by the Tuscans, and creating precisely the "Passo Abetone."

The project was prepared by Peter Giardini for the Modena and Leonardo Ximenes to the Tuscan fact the road was called Via Ximeniana (now Highway 66).
"Take advantage of the winter season for an exciting ski .."